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I’ve been somewhat quiet on this account for a while & there are plenty of reasons why, but the biggest one is that I have been struggling with chronic illness. It has been a very back & forth process & the Lord has taught me so much about myself and about Himself throughout it. While I can’t share all of that in a single post, one of the biggest things He has opened my eyes to is my idolatry of what people think of me. Whether it’s how I look when I’m sick or people’s judgements of my character... I have been very fearful about opening up & sharing this part of my life. I’ve been scared of the vulnerability & the possible judgment. I’ve been afraid of what people might think when they know I’ve been sick & then see me out and being active. I’m thankful to have wonderful friends & family who have encouraged me to feel free to share my story & struggles. They have also reminded me that God’s power is made perfect in my weakness & that there are others in similar situations and we can be an encouragement to each other. Because the truth about chronic illness is that it is very isolating. It can become all-consuming & makes it difficult to make & keep commitments. It is hard to talk about but also hard to talk about anything but. Chronic illness is hard on relationships. It doesn’t often make sense & isn’t always consistent. You can go through flares as well as “healthy” seasons & it can be confusing to the people in your life when you swing from one to the other. As a young mom who loves to be active and has a bad case of FOMO, I always want to take full advantage of days where I’m feeling well but often struggle with guilt as if I ‘should be’ in bed or resting. And I KNOW I’m not the only chronically ill person who feels that they need to give an explanation when they have a good day. My hope is that as I share my journey about my diagnosed diseases as well as my unexplained symptoms, others dealing with similar situations or suffering of any kind would feel understood, as if they have an outlet, and that they would know they’re not alone. If there is anyone who is struggling (in any way!) & needs an ear please know that I’m always here to lend mine... (comments)
It has been an exciting weekend, over here. He’s home ❤️
Operation @toystory 4 Movie surprise was a success! And despite our predictions of how many times we’d have to run out of the theater with kiddos... everyone sat through the whole movie! 🎉👏🏼🙌🏼 . . . . . . #toystory4 #toystory #disneypixar #disneykids #buzzandwoody #amctheaters #chroniclesofmontykent #denvercolorado #mountainmama #milehighmama #travelblogger #motherblogger #momblog
Happy Birthday ‘Merica! Thankful for each of these firecrackers, for our Country and for all the men and women serving it. ❤️🇺🇸🎉
This sweet daddy is constantly blowing me away with his love for and dedication to his kiddos. Happy Father’s Day @emaertens! We love you so much! Thanks for lighting up our lives ❤️😘
Today was the perfect day to visit Estes Park! It is one of my favorite places in CO because it is absolutely stunning and there is SO much for children and families to do! These crazies had a blast eating lunch by the river, playing at the park and getting homemade ice cream 🙌🏼🍦. . . . . . . #milehighmamas #milehighcity #denvercolorado #estesparkcolorado #estespark #carryonmama #thecarryonmama #mountainmama #mountainbabies #adventuretime #adventure #exploreyourcity #exploreyourstate #explorecolorado #icecreamlove #littleexplorers #adventureblog #travelblog #momblog #motherblogger #cousintime #cjla #cjlagirls