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Absolutely in love with this “Names of Jesus” advent calendar 😍. The Word. I AM. Son of God. Redeemer. And today’s is Light of the world ❤️❤️❤️. Love the daily reminder of what our Christmas celebrations are all about!
Thankful ❤️
Monty made his first ever snowman and he had so much fun. He’s so proud and I love it 😍❤️
Husband: “why are we doing this?” Wife: “please don’t make it a big thing. It will only take a second” Husband: “there is gallon of sweat literally pouring down my leg, right now” Wife: “we will go get in the water as soon as we take this picture” Husband: “there.” Wife: “no, please put some effort into it. Like a decent angle” Husband: sighs “is this the whole reason we walked like a mile over here?” Wife: “you don’t need to have an attitude- we need some pictures. Did you get the shot?” Husband: “yes, like 500” Wife: “let me see- yeah... actually can we get a different angle than this?” Husband: “😳💀” . . - “The 5th day of Vacation”, A short story by Isabel Maertens. Unrelated, though... Thanks for always humoring me @emaertens 😜😂
This little lovey was mine as a baby. I LOVED that bunny and it shows. It’s totally out of beads and has many holes. My mama found it in storage during our move and seeing my sweet girl loving on it is so special and so sweet❤️😍. Absolutely love these precious moments in mamahood 🥰😍❤️ . . . . . #carryonmama #lovey #motherhood #motherhoodinspired #momblog #babygirl #motherblogger #denvercolorado #denvermama #mountainmama #milehighmamas
I have a real obsession with Christmas and because of it I have a tendency to go straight from celebrating Halloween to full-blown Buddy the elf. My husband has teased me about it for years but I think he secretly likes it 😏. This year I’m pretty proud of myself for avoiding Christmas stuff for 2 days (!!) and stocking up on chunky sweaters and fall-y earrings have helped me to embrace the season for a little longer. I can’t promise that you won’t be seeing pictures of Christmas decor in the next week... but for now I had to share my #successstory 😂😂 Also if you’re like me and like to support small businesses check out @bowsbyroseandmore! She makes adorable little head bows, bow tie clips, and earrings (sometimes matching 😱). Affordable and always cute!



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