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This mama. It’s hard to put into words the amount of love and respect that I have for her. She is loving, giving, gracious and graceful. She is patient, hard-working, and compassionate. She could write a book on hospitality and tender-loving care. She points her whole family to Christ. She put up with my sass and strong will as I grew up and she puts up with my incessant phone calls, now... it’s hard not to ask advice from a woman who mama’d so well. I hope and pray that I can be half of the mama that my own is. ❤️
It’s been one year since I first held you in my arms and looked into your perfect eyes. One year since the love in my heart multiplied and my days got even brighter. My Bright girl, you have added SO much to our little family. So much joy, laughter, spunk, sass, sweetness, learning and growing. You are a treasure and a blessing beyond measure. We thank God for you every day and can not wait to see what this next year brings ❤️😍
My sweet boy brought me this “flower”, today and my heart was melted... then he promptly told me how much it cost and to pay up... so I think we’ve got a little salesman on our hands 😍😂. . . . . . . #momlife #adventuretime #babyboy #dandelionchild #denvercolorado #mountainmama #exploreeverywhere #exploredenver #littleexplorer #adventureblog #momblog #travelblog #staywildmychild #motherblogger #traveltips #travelhacks #wildatheart #milehighmamas #carryonmama #baitandswitch #salesman
This little crazy has recently decided that he has zero fears... like none. And just in time for warm weather 👏🏼😳😅. When I used to envision being a mom I always hoped I would have wild boys. I got my wish a million times over with this one☝🏼. Wouldn’t have it any other way 💙😍 . . . . . . #babyboy #aslongasimliving #momlife #adventuretime #exploreeverywhere #chroniclesofmontykent #nevergrowup #exploretheworld #exploredenver #adventureawaits #travelblogger #traveltheworld #getoutside #momblog #motherblogger #travelhacks #tipsandtricks #boymom #staywildmychild #motherhoodunplugged #motheroftwo #motherhoodmoments
This photo of my little son saying a big goodbye to his daddy tells such an important story. The story of a military child and the sacrifice and bravery that they face. April is The Month of the Military Child. Military children are strong and brave and resilient. Military children are born into the service. They take on responsibilities of their parent’s work by repeatedly uprooting and regularly being left behind. They are quick to put down roots and bloom wherever they are planted. Military children are compassionate and like to make others feel welcome and comfortable because they know the discomfort and fear of being an outsider. They say goodbye to their parent(s) more in their childhood than some people will in their whole lives and often without knowing or understanding where they are going or when they are coming back. They inspire and motivate and encourage their parents when work, deployments, change, and separations feel too hard and too heavy. Military children are lionhearted, determined and unyielding and I am so thankful for them. For my own, for my many military nieces and nephews and for all who I have known... thank you for your service!
Happy Easter from this sweet boy. B girl has a nasty eye infection so she’s not pictured. But we are still celebrating! He is Risen. Forever thankful ➕